Interview. Offer. Career. Promotion.

Interview. Offer. Career. Promotion.

Putting YOUR best foot forward!


Putting YOUR best foot forward!

The Self Marketer Blog

Welcome to The Self Marketer Blog! My goal is to share helpful tips and tricks to people who are in need of help on preparing for an interview, improving their position with an organization, and increasing their promotability. 

Promoting yourself

To promote yourself, you must BE yourself. Every individual is uniquely made and our goal is to promote your unique talents and experiences to nail an interview and create promotability in your career. 

About Us

Comprehensive Interview and Career Mentoring


Whether you're a recent college grad, seeking a new career direction, more work/life balance, or a resume refresh, we can help. I am a coach and mentor for students and professionals who need a little help nailing an interview and creating better promotability in their career. My goal is to teach techniques and tactics that can help you be successful in both an interview and during your career. 

Why Mentor?

Helping people understand what to expect in an interview, is winning the battle. Teaching them how to conquer an interview without changing who they are, is winning the war. 

About The Self Marketer

The Self Marketer was created to help people who are not comfortable with the interview and promotion process. Whether you are a recent college grad or just looking to make a career change, the interviewing process can be intimidating. Our goal is to help you become a confident interviewer, while staying true to yourself. 

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